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CBCP capitalizes on poverty caused by Catholicism

newsRoman Catholicism is the root cause of Philippine poverty. That being so, it has no moral, spiritual and legal standing to speak for the benefit of the poor through the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)  because such representation is illogical and immoral.This is an academic proposition.

This article is related to January 29, 2014 issue of The Philippine Star News, where Catholic Bishops depicted poverty in the Philippines as a social scandal.

In a pastoral letter, the CBCP admitted that 28 percent of Filipinos are still barely living from day to day despite the advances in Philippine society in terms of basic education, fundamental aspect of economy, peace initiatives in Mindanao and the government’s efforts to curtail graft and corruption, including the final resolution of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) issues.

CBCP further asked Filipino Catholics to be more sensitive to the plight of the poor.

A pro-poor political stand of a tax-exempt religious order, which is the root cause of Philippine poverty?

The “Philippine poverty” proposition is based on history of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines, which can be briefly discussed as follows:

In 1521, Spanish conquistadors introduced Roman Catholicism  in the Philippines. A remnant of this historical conquest of Filipinos by Spain is Magellan’s cross, which is still being preserved in the City of Cebu. Thereafter, Roman Catholic buildings, commonly known to Filipinos as “churches” flourished in Philippine archipelago.  Common in these Roman Catholic buildings is the altar where the cross is located, wherein the image of the alleged Christ is being crucified. Every Sunday or every day for some devotees, Roman Catholics were trained to kneel before the cross during mass and when visiting the alleged churches or Roman Catholic buildings to pray.

In short, it had been traditional for Roman Catholics to bow down and kneel before the cross. Also, before and after praying or  entering or exiting the alleged church, Roman Catholics were taught to make the sign of the cross. Thus, Roman Catholics for centuries revered the image of the cross using the name of God, Christ, Mary and the Saints in vain.

Also, Filipinos were taught to revere the alleged image of Christ in the form of Sto. Nino and Black Nazarene, including the images of alleged Mother Mary, which acts are idolatrous.

Filipinos were thus converted to ‘cross’ believers (not God believers) and idolaters while using the name of God in vain. If Israel in the olden times was punished by God for idolatry, more so, for  Filipinos because of the following: 1) they are phrasing the ‘cross’ just like God, 2) they are idolaters and 3) they are using the name of God in  vain. As a result, Filipinos were converted to enemies of God. Poverty in Filipinos which is being politically capitalized by Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines is thus caused by Roman Catholicism

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