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Black Nazarene Factor in Napoles-Tuason Scam

The GymFormer Secretary Ruby C. Tuason and Janet Lim-Napoles, who are involved in the pork barrel scam, have in common. They have been ‘blessed’ by iconic Black Nazarene of Quiapo Church. Because it’s “black” Nazarene,  Filipinos are now seeing the result in a form of a glaring scam, which “blackened” the financial aspect of the government.

Even though Roman Catholicism has been honest in telling the Filipinos that it’s “black”, Filipinos are still believing that it’s “white” by having a devotion to  a “black” Nazarene. There is great difference between black and white.

Christ is not “black” or will never appear to Filipinos as an idol. Black Nazarene, Sto. Nino idols and images of Mother Mary, are forms of idolatry that have been introduced by Roman Catholicism by opportunistically using the name of Christ and his Mother.

Idolatry in the Philippines, which is now combined by “oral sex” mentality factor through the Reproductive Health Law,  had been a psychological sickness that may no longer be remedied, that’s why Filipinos are suffering from calamities, man-made just like the Napoles-Tuason scam and environmental calamities like Typhoon Yolanda, Bohol-Cebu earthquake, etc. reports on how the two scammers met:

“Black Nazarene

With her link to politicians, Tuason was a natural magnet for Napoles. A former friend of Napoles said the pork barrel queen is quite adept at identifying and befriending people with connections for her money-making ventures.

How did they meet?

One story we gathered said the two met because of the iconic Black Nazarene of Quiapo church. “Tuason wanted to get in touch with the one in charge of the Black Nazarene. She must have heard that Napoles is a friend of Msgr Josefino* Ramirez,” one source said. Ramirez was parish priest in Binondo before being transferred to the Quiapo parish from 2004-2007.

Accounts by Luy showed that the Black Nazarene was regularly brought to Napoles’ residence, courtesy of Ramirez. The priest has not denied this. Ramirez was president of the Magdalena Lim Luy Charity Foundation In the Service of the Divine Mercy, a foundation set up by Napoles in honor of her late mother.”

From the above reports, it is clear that the two scammers are devotees of Black Nazarene. Because, they are believers of Black Nazarene, then they should expect help from said “black” idol, not from the living Christ.

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